Anything that can’t grab my attention is the job of worst kind for me. Even if it is something fun; say playing a video game with tricks and codes that can make a particular level easier – or boost my avatar’s powers – is automatically a task for me. And tasks shouldn’t be a part of a fun activity. It defies the whole purpose of it. When I am indulging in vanity, I want to switch off my mind, press buttons mindlessly, and have fun. I don’t want to solve a math problem, answer questions about quantum physics and prove I am smart before I get rewarded. I have been tricked enough all my school life by similar gimmicks and the end of it all I got was, “Yeah this grade is okay, but not good enough. Try harder next time and then you will get that bike.” So, my point is, let Bowser Kidnap and torture the princess. I don’t give a fuck!

Here is a laundry list (where laundry is a part of the list) of things, in no particular order, that I can’t pay attention to regardless of how hard I try: Chronologically arranging files and folders, folding clothes and segmenting them. They always tell you, “Roll your t-shirts and towels and put them in the pull-out drawers, stack your shirts on side of the wardrobe and don’t fold your bulky items.” Blah! Fuck that! Fuck all that! Fold your clothes however you want to. And roll these people in a yoga mat and stack them in your cabinet, if they preach you about the rules of rolling. I don’t roll with these people.  Shopping for sheets and curtains. Reading details behind a carton; let me open the damn thing and figure it out. My cognition skills are tactile. Explaining something for the third time to a third person, explaining something the third time to the same person. Explaining things to a person. Here is the thing about explaining things; by the time I am right into explaining it, I have this weird feeling, that I might have fucked up the actual meaning of it. So, from there on, I am just saying things. Trying to save some embarrassment. Buying some time and hoping you have forgotten along with me what my original point was.

My first attempts are always a failure; I miss out the details, assume things, and fuck up the tasks. But in my experience, you can always redo them, and it takes lesser time and energy to redo only a fragment of the task than trying to perfect all of it all the time. Doesn’t matter how much someone preaches you about the value behind the tasks, there is always something better and more valuable that awaits you. It’s like that meteor shower, (or that celestial opera; Jupiter dancing around Mars, or the moon turning red because of jealousy induced by the other cosmic bitches) that happens only once in 2984076 years. So, people buy telescopes and DSLR cameras, camp under the stars, stay up all night, only to tweet that it was way too cloudy. I am sorry, it’s not the cloud’s fault. It’s just that your stars weren’t really aligned. That’s all. If I stumble upon the magical sky show through my window or my roof, I am happy. If not, there is something else that will happen in next few months that I haven’t ever seen or that won’t take place for another random number of years from now.

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