Being superficial by nature is not a badge I want pinned on my shoulders. It’s not something I am proud of but I know the pendulum of attention has an anomaly and it often strikes boredom more than it strikes engagement. And boredom is the mother of divided attention (and grandmother of superficiality). It’s the … Continue reading FARTS OF SPEECH (ATTENTION DEFICIENCY) #2


If I asked you to list down all the things that made you angry, would you be able to do it? I certainly wouldn’t be able to do it. In fact, my first item on the list would be, “making a list”. Making a list in my experience is writing down everything that I consider … Continue reading FARTS OF SPEECH (ANGER MISMANAGEMENT) #6

Farts of Speech (ANGER MISMANAGEMENT) #5

I heavily disregard the idea of physical fighting. Unless you are aiming for the Olympics or UFC, you shouldn’t body wrestle anyone you don’t want to fuck. Because usually in a wrestle, there is too much of intimacy and hand holding. Which then makes people question your unspoken preferences after a point. I think you … Continue reading Farts of Speech (ANGER MISMANAGEMENT) #5

The Ringing Continues

You have sharp ringing in your ears from that wrong dive you made this morning in your pool. It sounds like your ears are gargling the bullshit you keep hearing on social media or otherwise. So, you are talking a bit louder than you should, yelling almost, at the cook, the maid, the guard, almost … Continue reading The Ringing Continues